I have a set of 4 apps that I'd like to link ...

(JMI Labs) #1

I have a set of 4 apps that I’d like to link together using an app launcher.

I’m hoping this will cut down on sync times while working in one of the 4 apps, since the data and views were too complex for 1 app.

Sync times were way too long.

I have made the app launcher, and it will go to each app.

Now - Is there a way to make a “HOME” button in the bottom center of all 4 apps that takes me directly back to my app launcher?

I’d like the user to have the option to navigate back without having to open the menu.

(Santiago) #2

Hi there, as the app launcher is itself an app, you could create a row for it in the data which would link back to it. This means that all target apps would have a launcher of their own.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

I’m afraid that’s not possible yet. You can create a Home page for example with the Deck view and then set the option “Event action” what app you should open. If you use this same Home page for all apps, you can trigger every app from the same view.

(JMI Labs) #4

Thanks for the ideas, I think that should work!

(Jimmy Tsui) #5

The link to the app launcher is always inside the top left menu if you start the launcher first and go to the other apps from it.