I have a simple app linked to Dropbox. User e...

(Marlene Williamson) #1

I have a simple app linked to Dropbox. User enters data which can be seen on device 2 in the field. But random records are disappearing. They sync successfully because they are seen on device 2 but 12 hours later one record has gone. There doesn’t seem to be any common factors…time of day, same customer, machine, or job type. I have asked user to print Dropbox spreadsheet each morning this week so that we have some concrete examples but has anyone any ideas in the meantime? Device syncs after each record entry.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

First I would check the key column and that it’s not possible to save the key value twice. In that situation the last one would win. Then I would check if both records are in your spreadsheet or not.

(Marlene Williamson) #3

I’ve changed the key to uniqueid and asked them to test. Thanks Aleksi