I have a simple app that collects list items....

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I have a simple app that collects list items.

I have to format this list 2 ways for distribution.

  1. simple straight text emailed out. (thats easy) 2) HTML formatted text saved to a file or displayed on the screen so that I can copy it and pasted it into the appropriate web page.

I was looking at “External: Open a File” in the Action thinking that it might work like an Email Template.

Open the file, it prefills with the data selected and displays it ready for copying.

I am not able to find any information on OPen a File or how it works…


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(Bellave Jayaram) #3

Can you use a Show column with a concatenate formula to display the HTML? You can use INDEX to access your list members.

(David Hopkins) #4

@Bellave_Jayaram There are several ways really, the easiest is to use an email template to generate the content and send the result to myself… where i would then just copy it into the webpage source…

Fact is I was really trying to understand this one function better… External: open a file.

and see if I could use that to do the same job.

(Reza Raoofi) #5

I just played around with External: open a file action; it seems to work similar to File column type where you need to publicly share the file, and use its URL as a link; the only difference is that it will be displayed as an action button.

Actually it seems even more limited than File column type; I was not able to make it work with file name reference inside Google Drive as you could with image and file columns. It only worked using a URL of publicly shared file.