I have a standard plan and have misunderstood...

(Ian Townson) #1

I have a standard plan and have misunderstood the users. I have been given the following message: 30-day license usage (4) exceeds purchased licenses (1). Please see the App Info pane for details.

I have now removed the other three users, but the message is still showing. Will my plan auto upgrade? or will it revert back to standard?

(Philip Garrett) #2


We never update your pricing plan automatically. Only you can do that be going to the Account pane.

We measure the trailing 30 days of usage, so eventually the other three users will “age out”.

If your account gets blocked because of the excess past users, you can contact sales@appsheet.com to get help.

(Ian Townson) #3

That’s great. Thanks for the quick response