I have a table "Field" where we enter data fr...

(Fof Webmaster) #1

I have a table “Field” where we enter data from the field, taking one sample, duplicate or triplicate samples of water from our local creeks.

I have another table “Lab” where the results of each sample are entered.

Field work and Lab work are done by different people at different times.

I need the Lab work people to find a field work record and I need that record to be merged with the lab work results for that sample.

If 2 or more samples are taken in one instance of field work, I need that single field work record merged with 2 or more lab work results.

The resulting one merged table needs to contain all the data.

As I’m not database savvy, how would I do this in AppSheet?

Best Bob

(Fof Webmaster) #2

Could I create a pick list for the lab people, subsetted depending on other entries they made like location identifier,

to allow them to pick a row to merge?