I have a table holding all the [Player ID] a...

(Mikko Palmu) #1

I have a table holding all the [Player ID]

and a table for Games with columns: [Game ID] [vs Team] [Goals scored] [Goals allowed]

Table of Game statistics ( isPartOf Games table): [Key] [Game ID] [Event] (enum: Goal or penalty) [Scorer or penalty]

(ref to Players) [1st assist] (ref to Players) ShowIf: Goal [2nd assist] (ref to players) ShowIf: Goal [Penalty minutes] ShowIf: Penalty

and 4th table of all the Player statistics with columns: [Key] [Game ID] (ref to Games) [Player ID]

(ref to Players) [Attending?] [Goals] [Assists] [Penalties]

So the Player statistics table both keeps track of player registering yes/no to game, and players total stats of that game.

When I edit the a row in Games table to input the final score, I can input the Game statistics as child rows, that works fine. But how can I initiate the counting of statistics per player to 4th table from the Game stats table? There should be some sort of action (button to press) after all the child rows are entered, and it goes through all the rows of Game stats first for playerID1, then for playerID2 etc

Maybe the column order of Game stats table is not optimal for Appsheet, but it’s the format the stats are entered in the official game sheet

(Mikko Palmu) #2

got it!