I have a table named Community where there is...

(Patrick Mfossa) #1

I have a table named Community where there is a column called Email. using Community[Email] as the formula of the Email field for an additional_only workflow rule results in sending an email notifications each time a new record is added. What if I want to send the notification to all the community except to the person who added the new record?

(Syed Faheemuddin) #2

Try this Community[Email]-USEREMAIL()

(Bellave Jayaram) #3

You may need to convert the string to a list as in :


(Steven Coile) #4

@Bellave_Jayaram Curly braces ({}) won’t interpret arguments; every argument is treated as a literal value. Instead, you’d need to use the LIST() function: Community[Email] - LIST(USEREMAIL())