I have a table of Personas and a table of Gru...

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #1

I have a table of Personas and a table of Grupos.

I have an intersection table Grupo Participantes that associates these two; it is a many to many relationship.

A Persona can be a member of 0, 1 or more Grupos, and a Grupo can have 0, 1 or more Personas.

For example, Nick and Jeff can both be participantes in the Tennis and Golf grupos.

I want to define an action to add a Persona to a specific group.

I want to add a row to Grupo Participantes.

On this new row, I want to set the Grupo ID based on a static value or expression.

I want to set the Persona ID to the value of _thisrow for the person that was in context when I click the action.

If I define 3 actions:

Add new row, Set the value of a column (Grupo ID), and Set the value of a column (Persona ID), how do I coordinate the two update column actions to update the row I just created?

I could not find documentation on how to set the values of the columns on the row I am adding.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Nicholas_Christoffer Right now it’s not possible to create a new row in the background, without the user clicking “save”. But you can link to a form and set default values. See these example apps: https://www.appsheet.com/Support?q=linktoform&hPP=10&idx=help&p=0&dFR[doc_type][0]=Apps&is_v=1

(Grant Stead) #3

@tony I wish we could localize the save button for the forms… Then you can change it to “Confirmed” or “Really!!!” (I mean each form sperate)