I have a table of Staff Job Allocations. The ...

(Joe Benson) #1

I have a table of Staff Job Allocations. The Staff Name column in that table is an EnumList allowing the selection of multiple staff for a single job. The e-mails of these staff are in a column called E-Mail in a table called Staff which also has a column called Staff Name. I want to send an e-mail to every selected Staff when a job is allocated. I have tried the following in the ‘Send To’ formula for a Workflow action that is triggered by ADDS_ONLY in the Staff Job Allocations table: SELECT(Staff[E-Mail],CONTAINS([Staff Name],Staff[Staff Name])) But this doesn’t work. There is a functional reason why I need to use an EnumList to allocate multiple staff, i.e. for ease/speed of use. Having one record per staff would mean saving each record, then having to add another for each staff member rather than simply selecting then in an EnumList. Anyone have any ideas?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

How about… SELECT(Staff[E-Mail],IN([Name],[_THISROW].[Name]))

(Joe Benson) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Works perfectly! Many thanks Aleksi. Translate

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Haha, great job Sir!

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You’re welcome