I have a table with a numeric pain scale (0-1...

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I have a table with a numeric pain scale (0-10) in Column A paired with basic descriptors in Column B.

I would like the user to be able to SEE the numeric + basic descriptions when choosing a pain level in the form drop down menu…but NOT record the basic (text) description. How can I show the below, but only record the numeric value chosen? Thanks!

Example of desired drop down view: 0 No Pain 1 Very Mild 2 Discomforting 3 Tolerable 4 Distressing 5 Very Distressing 6 Intense Pain 7 Very Intense Pain 8 Horrible Pain 9 Excruciating 10 Unimaginable Pain

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thank you - this worked well!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #3

Hi @Kevin_Roy, Please explore ,if following helps you.

If the following nomenclature is OK to you

00 No Pain 01 Very Mild 02 Discomforting 03 Tolerable 04 Distressing 05 Very Distressing 06 Intense Pain 07 Very Intense Pain 08 Horrible Pain 09 Excruciating 10 Unimaginable Pain

Please enter the above data in Enum field configurations

of an Enum column. Say this Enum type column name is [Column A]

In another Column B

(real or virtual depending on need), please enter expression =LEFT([Column A],2).

You will get the any one of the

01,02, 03,…10 depending on Enum selection in Column A. If required, you can convert the extracted value in Column B to a number by expression

NUMBER (LEFT([Column A],2))

Hope this helps.