I have a table with columns named FirstName, ...

(Roman Kocherovsky) #1

I have a table with columns named FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, and FullName. Full name is a concatenation of the first three. I set FullName as the key in the table, but the key keeps switching to _RowNumber when I save.

Is that because I made a calculated column the key?

(Jason Denniston) #2

I think it’s because that it thinks that Rownumber would be a better key than full name.

It might be better to creat a virtual column with UniqueID() as it’s initial value.


Hi I think If you want to use a your names as a key, mark the three of them as required, and also as key and appsheet will create a key for you from them and place it in a virual column.

Dont use your fullname column.

See if that will do what you require. Or you could just have a column of UNIQUE IID.