I have a table with the instructor name and 1...

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I have a table with the instructor name and 12 columns where we enter attendance for each month.


Class Attendance 1

Class Attendance 2

Class Attendance 3…

I created a Chart that I display in the dashboard.

I only want to show the chart for the instructor that I select.

It currently shows the attendance for all instructors.

How do I only show the chart with the 12 months of attendance for the instructor I selected?


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you could follow this pattern to only show the related row for a particular teacher: https://www.appsheet.com/samples/Display-a-chart-of-related-records?appGuidString=5a9f2f57-fe9c-47e5-9bf2-4db6b75a64f5

You’ll need to use a row series chart, I believe. Chart of related records - Display a chart of related records appsheet.com

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Thank you