I have a timesheet app where my employees do ...

(Ann Gish) #1

I have a timesheet app where my employees do not have access to the Google spreadsheet.

I want to create a monthly report to send each employee their personal data.

Is that possible to do?

That is, can Appsheet reach back into my spreadsheet and produce such a report?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

It depends what kind of report you are looking for but most of them are doable with a gDoc template. Any sample to show?

(Challa Ramakrishna) #3

@Ann_Gish, my company can help you to generate the report but it is paid service.

(Ann Gish) #4

Hi Aleksi,

Still working on the template!

I wanted to get some assurance before I started working on it.

BTW - thanks for your quick responses.

It is much appreciated.


(Aleksi Alkio) #5

@Ann_Gish some kind of sample would help us to see if that’s is doable and maybe in what way.

(Mary Jane Pender) #6

@Ann_Gish @Aleksi_Alkio


Couple of options: 1) Report within your app:

are your employees entering their time through your App?

If so, you can create a table view of for each employee that is based on a slice and date range that they can view it in your app.

It will require user sign on.

This functionality would likely be best as a separate app that uses the same tables. 2) Emails to all users with monthly timesheet results:

You can create a workflow that outputs timesheet totals or timesheet details to each employee. Hope this helps.