I have a timesheet App where users will enter...

(Green Gorilla) #1

I have a timesheet App where users will enter start end end times for a particular Job.

In the job Table there is a VC in the Job table called “Related Timesheets by Job”, which is fine.

I also have a table where users enter extras, and they do timesheet entries for this as well. There is a VC in the Extras table called “related Timesheets by Extras”

Both of these will populate a column in the timesheet table with their unique codes… the one from Job will populate the column [Job] and the one from the extras populates the column [extras].

Now, I am trying to filter out which columns show, depending on whether the [Job] column has anything in it, or the [extras] column.

Using the Show-If condition:


Now, the [Extras] column IS NOT BLANK, so the columns I am wanting to show/hide should hide…

But they are not hiding… and a quick check showsthat the App thinks the [Extras] column is empty, when it isn’t…

Any ideas why this may be so?

Is it possible to have timesheets coming from two different directions, one from Job and one from Extras, but the one from Extras also populates the [Job] column in the timesheet with the Job ID?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Green_Gorilla Does the expression tester show that ISBLANK returns the unexpected value?

(Green Gorilla) #3


Well, the expression tester only shows the first 900 or so rows of the spreadsheet where this data is not present. But I made a virtual column with the ISBLANK part and it confirms it is NOT blank…

(Tony Fader) #4

@Green_Gorilla Are you in a form view or another view? If in another view, try setting “Apply show-if constraints universally” under UX > Options.

(Green Gorilla) #5

@tony I will have a look… the view in which it works is Form View, and then it goes to detail view when saved, I think.