I have a timesheet app which various staff us...

(Nathan McGregor) #1

I have a timesheet app which various staff use to log hours, plant and materials.

Different kinds of staff will see different columns or column descriptions to make it clearer to use.

I want all truck drivers to see something different to laborers. To achieve this I currently alter individual columns’ ‘show if’ formulas and list all the names of truck drivers.

Instead, I want to have a reference list of ‘Truck Drivers’ in a spreadsheet and have appropriate columns’ formulas reference that list, so I only have to type a new employee’s name in one place as opposed to going through every single formula.

Can someone teach me how to do this, if it’s possible?

Thanks in advance.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Create a stuff table with email address and role (and other fields if needed). Then you can read the role for your Show_If like LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),Stuff,Email,Role)=“Truck Driver”

(Nathan McGregor) #3

Thanks, Aleksi. This is what I’m wanting but it doesn’t seem to be working. For example, I have a formula: =IF(Lookup([Name],Staff,Name,Role)=“Truck Driver”,“How many activity codes carted to/worked on today?”,“Number of job types worked on today”) I have also made a table called Staff and added it to the tables in the app with columns ‘Name’ and ‘Role’ (see below)

However, it doesn’t seem to acknowledge the names I’ve put down as truck drivers. Any idea why?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Instead of using [Name], you should use [_THISROW].[Name]