I have a very basic price app that runs way t...

(Sam Graham) #1

I have a very basic price app that runs way too slow. Its a simple price list with about 400 items,

a price for each item, and a quantity that the user changes. The app them multiplies the quantity by the item price and calculates a total.

It’s like when the quantity is changed, its syncing the entire sheet again or something and it takes way too long. Isn’t this something that should calculate very fast? I have read the help on making apps run faster, and none of that seems to be the cause,

Is there something I’m missing here?

(Brian Sabino [appsheet]) #2

When you’re hitting performance issues the first place to start is with the Performance Profiler https://help.appsheet.com/manage/monitor/performance-profile

That will show you exactly where the time is being spent during a sync.

If your data volume is low then it may be an inefficient expression in a Virtual Column

All the performance docs are available at: https://help.appsheet.com/performance-scale-reliability

(Sam Graham) #3

I have no virtual columns, just a list of items with prices and a quantity column that the user adjusts, and app runs slow af and I can’t figure out why.