I have a "virtual" column i want to show in a...

(Robert Tooze) #1

I have a “virtual” column i want to show in a specific tab view. It currently automatically shows on the last page. Can I nominate somewhere what page to display it on?

(Marc Dillon) #2

By tab view, are you talking about tab views in a form? You cannot customize the display order of columns in a form, only by rearranging your database. Virtual columns are always last in the column list. Maybe you can insert a real column exactly where you want it, instead of using a VC.

(Robert Tooze) #3

Yes sorry for not being clear - under the forms page style I have selected Tabs view and set up as I wanted in my source data like you say - i have 3 page headers / tabs but want to show VC on the 2nd tab. I use the VC to bring in reference data from other tables to display key info to a user - I was trying to avoid duplicating info in the tables but maybe that is the only way. I was going to try creating a new slice but the views I want to change are system generated so assume i would need to create new ref views to accommodate…was hoping i missed something simple that allows you to define which “tab” to show a VC.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You would need to create a slice where you can change the column order. Then you would need to create a form view for that slice.