I have a workflow setup that sends email when...

(Mateusz Grybczynski) #1

I have a workflow setup that sends email when i update one of my fields. It used to work perfectly up to a couple of days/weeks ago.

Now i have the error: An XML comment cannot contain ‘-’, and ‘’ cannot be the last character. Line 13, position 21.

That came out of nowhere and i cant compile my app because of it. My clients are mad at me as they dont get the important emails.

When i last compiled my app all was working perfectly. Emails were sent and i could compile without any errors. Now i did not change anything and it`s broken.

How do i fix it?

(Grant Stead) #2


(Tony Fader) #3

@Mateusz_Grybczynski Can you give me the name of the app and the name of the workflow rule? I can investigate.