I have an app based on the Consultant templat...

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I have an app based on the Consultant template app in the appsheet gallery. My Timetrack table has a required unique reference to the RowID key column of my Google Calendar table. Timetrack acts as a wrapper on the Calendar entry. When I create a

newTimetrack record, I create a new calendar entry in Appsheet and Appsheet assigns an 8 digit UniqueID() to the ROWID key in the new calendar entry–so far so good. When the app syncs, Google Calendar creates an entirely new ROWID (with a lot more than 8 characters), which overwrites the ROWID. This breaks the reference to my Timetrack record. So each time, I then need to reopen the Timetrack Record, and re-select the Calendar Entry, and re-save the Timetrack Record–this repairs the reference. Is there a way to

avoid this?

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Thanks for

+1ing this @Stephen_Mattison. It would be great to sort this one out for my team.

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@David_Ackling-Jones I have a similar but much more simplified problem in my order and inventory apps. I use a key of clients name and OrderID number combined and when that runs through to my order detail, I have to use a formula in a Virtual Column to pull out just the OrderID number so that Order Detail can be Refed back to the proper OrderID. In my Order Detail, I have a column [ShortOrder] with an Initial Value of =[ShortOrderVC] and it all works perfectly!

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Ah, I think I see what you are talking about, I’'ll give this a go. I’ll be your best friend if it does work.

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Nup. When the Calendar key is changed by Google Calendar after sync, the Timetrack record is no longer able to access any of the properties of the Calendar record–the [Calendar RowID VC] is no longer able to be pulled in to the Timetrack record that depends on it. We can still be friends though, Stephen.

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Thanks @Stephen_Mattison for the suggestion. Hoping @Aleksi_Alkio might have a suggestion?