I have an app that has stopped sending workfl...

(Breanne Hulst) #1

I have an app that has stopped sending workflow emails, the audit history is telling me that the columns I have indicated in the “conditions” do not match… but they do. The workflow is not sending an email even when I remove the condition.

Anyone else having issues with email workflows that can help?

(Philip Garrett) #2


Please provide: 1. Your account id from the Account pane. 2. The app name 3. The workflow rule name

(Breanne Hulst) #3


Account ID: 481063 Daily Vehicle & Equipment Inspection Workflows: Guelph Snow, Kitchener Snow, Mississauga Snow, Waterdown Snow

Thanks for your help!

(Philip Garrett) #4


Can you let me know if it is working now? We have a theory about what was causing the problem, and made a change that we believe will fix the issue.

(Breanne Hulst) #5

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh The email workflow is working now! What did you fix? Thank you!

(Philip Garrett) #6


We were in the process of moving to the new Microsoft API. That is required because Microsoft plan to retire the old Microsoft API. Unfortunately the new Microsoft API has some problem. The problem you saw was one consequence of this. We move you back to the old Microsoft API until we can resolve the problem