I have an app that keeps track of disc golfin...

(Jerry Power) #1

I have an app that keeps track of disc golfing scores.

After all the scores are entered I allow access to a table called Payout.

I would like to have

table rows that tie have a matching color, different from other players.

To throw a twist, I would like to have the colors change if the scores that are tied are different.

In the below example I would like # 8 (Eighth Place tie) to be a matching different color for Steven and Tyler.

If there was another tie, I would like it to be a different match color than 8th place.

Any suggestions?

(Jerry Power) #2

Never mind.

I got it.

(John Gardner) #3

@Jerry_Power We’ve got a disc golf guy in our office. Any chance we could peek at your app?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

@Jerry_Power would you please describe the solution shortly so others could understand it as well.