I have an app that uses a ref to allow me to ...

(Jerry Power) #1

I have an app that uses a ref to allow me to pick from a list of names in another table.

The user can type part or all of the name or simply scroll down in the list.

I am curious, when I type I would like to only pull names that begin with what I am typing instead of all including those that have the letter typed included.

As an example, if I type ‘Dr’, I may get Andrew, Kendrick, and Drew.

Whereas I only want to get Drew.

Any suggestions?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Jerry_Power This isn’t supported right now. But advanced search features are on our roadmap.

(Jerry Power) #3

Thank you.

I may have a trick, testing now and will post if it works.

(Jerry Power) #4

My trick will not work the way I want to use this.

So never mind.


Hi Jerry, I don’t know how many names you have but would grouping them alphabetically be any use. You would need to add a column to do this.

(Jerry Power) #6

@Lynn they are currently in alphabetical order.

However being able to search by first letter would be very helpful as the number of names increases.