I have an app that won't delete. I click Del...

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #1

I have an app that won’t delete.

I click Delete, I confirm OK, then I click My Apps to refresh the page and the app comes right back.

If I click Edit, I get the message, “Hmm, we can’t find that…Are you sure you are looking for a valid app?”

This is the URL of the Edit app with the App name and a short ID: https://www.appsheet.com/template/showdef?appName=IglesiaCityConnect-477024&quickStart=False

This is the URL after I click Edit: https://www.appsheet.com/Template/AppNotFound?appName=IglesiaCityConnect-477024

This is the URL of the Delete action with the App ID: https://www.appsheet.com/Template/deleteappdef?appId=3d092da2-c3e3-4c05-90d6-7739a0796a24

(Nicholas Christoffersen) #2

This problem persists; would appreciate some help on it.