I have an app with a list of events with star...

(JMI Labs) #1

I have an app with a list of events with start times.

I have a child table with staff members that will attend each event.

I’ve had a request from a user and I’m not sure it is do-able with the current options but wanted to see if anyone had a work around.

Similar to outlook, the users would like to receive an email notification 15 minutes before an event they are scheduled to attend.

The issue I’m running into, is I can’t trigger a workflow because there isn’t a data change taking place.

It’s just a comparison of the event time vs now to know to trigger it.

Reports wont work either because they are a static day/time, no formula available.

Am I missing another way to make it happen?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid that won’t be possible at this moment. It would be a good feature tough. Please request this from here… appsheet.com - Login - AppSheet

If you can write scripts, you can make a connection between your app and Google calendar. When you assign your staff to your event, the script will add them as a guest to your calendar. Then the calendar would do that notification. Login - AppSheet appsheet.com