I have an application that consists of 29 tab...

(Test Birimi) #1

I have an application that consists of 29 tables, and each table has a lot of data (1000-10000), so my application is slowing down as I continue to add data, how do you make a suggestion?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Test_Birimi use any kinda SQL/mySQL on cloud!

(Test Birimi) #3

Is there a sample application made this way? I am using google sheet right now, is it faster if I use mysql?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4

@Test_Birimi SQL is always faster than any cloud spreadsheet. You can get much quicker response times if you slice your data with using security filters also. With Google Spreadsheet you have a limit of 2M cells and depending on your data growth size, you may quickly hit this quota. Create a Google Cloud account, create a mySQL instance, choose a data center in West US, choose a proper server configuration, bind that database to your AppSheet account and copy your app to SQL database via Manage > Author > Copy App and select your SQL database.

Before this operation I may advise to check your column names in a way that they don’t contain space or any other special chars (esp. accented TR char set) and also set the max. limit of 512 to your text type columns.

Another reminder, SQL/mySQL do not have an ENUM type column. Therefore after you have copied your app, you have to open your Cloud Console and set the appropriate column types for your ENUM type columns.

It’s a bit hard to find a sample app because majority of the apps are Client apps under contract and CA/NDA. So you have to make your hands dirty a bit.

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@Levent_KULACOGLUThank you very much for your excellent reply.

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Data table ‘sampletable’ is not accessible due to: One or more SQL errors has been encountered: One or more SQL errors has been encountered: The MySQL view/table you are attempting to load/modify does not exist. Original error message from the database: Table ‘u7403224_appsheet.sampletable’ doesn’t exist.MORE INFO

I get this error or column found, what should I do