I have an installation app that (among others...

(Pim Sauter) #1

I have an installation app that (among others) has tables:

installations This captures details for the installation (length/width of installation area, etc)

items This lists all item information, such as name, price weight etc

installation_items This is the table that combines the two, because there is a many to many relationship. Each record in this table contains: - a ref to an installation - a ref to an item - an amount

This all works as planned: a user can create an installation, and add certain items, to that installation, etc.

However, I would like some items to be added automatically, based on installation parameters (e.g. add [length]*[width]/10 amount of item X to the installation). This would require AppSheet to create an entry in both the installation and installation_items table. Ideally, the latter entry should then be editable, in case a customers want to add additional items to the installation.

Is this possible?

(Jonas /) #2

This is possible with SQL and your own API-Endpoint.

you can then trigger the workflow through the app, send a request to your endpoint, and create the entries.

At least a background sync has to be completed in order to see the added entries.

does this help?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #3

You can create a standalone Google Apps Script, publish it as a web-app and then use its URL as a webhook endpoint in your workflow. Depending on your set condition, the script can create that additional records for you.

(Jonas /) #4

I would always preferr a standalone php + SQL solutioin over a Gscript.

You just got full control and the work is almost the same.

(Pim Sauter) #5

Thanks for the tips guys, but I need something that works offline, as this app will be used in low connectivity areas and the feedback has to be immediate, as we want to show a customer the value of the installation.

(Jonas /) #6

then you will have to manually add them for now.