I have an interactive dashboard containing th...

(Multi Tech Visions) #1

I have an interactive dashboard containing the following:

Open Projects Table Project detail Pending Tasks Table

when you select a project, you see the details in the details page, and the pending tasks in the tasks table.

The problem here, which has been raised before, is that with the interactive feature turned on you can’t click on any table/deck/gallery view and navigate to that records details.

It just highlights it.

My request:

If you specify an event action for a table/deck/gallery in an interactive dashboard… can the action take precedence over the interactivity feature?

@Sarah_Gould_AppSheet is this even possible with how the interactive feature works?

I love this feature, it really makes great user interfaces for a PC - especially when you’ve got disparate tables of data.

As always, thanks for everything!

(Sarah Gould [AppSheet]) #2

Usually you’d have a separate details view that shows the current item you’ve selected from a table/deck/gallery view.

(Multi Tech Visions) #3

@Sarah_Gould_AppSheet I do, for the projects because that’s the main point of this View. The pending tasks table is extra notes essentially, showing you info from a different aspect of the app.

Trying to include an additional details view makes things pretty cramped and it doesn’t really work out that well.

Being able to still show the table or deck view for an aggregate list, but still being able to click on it navigate away, that would be perfect.