I have an issue with initial value i need hel...

(Linda Marita Lauritzen) #1

I have an issue with initial value i need help with. In my app we register time spent on a job. Basically date (TODAY) and the from time (TIMENOW) to time (TIMENOW+1). So lets say they register their first job in the morning from 8 to 11 am. For their next register i want the from time to be equal to the last registered to time from the spreadsheet in the background (smartsheet). Witch expression should i use to get that info in inital value based on the date being the same as last registered, the useremail being the same and the last registered to time in a row? Is it even possible?

If everybody always registered everything in through time every day the app works with the setup. But if they have to register for a few days back they need to change date, from time and to time for all the registrations.

(Michael) #2

I think some combination of a select statement combined with maxrow would work. Need more details as to how your table is setup…

(Linda Marita Lauritzen) #3

Thank you! I will look into this. And come back to you if i can’t get it to work :slight_smile: