I have an issue with webhooks. It seems that ...

(Marc Dillon) #1

I have an issue with webhooks. It seems that if no response is given to a webhook within a certain time period, appsheet will try to send out the webhook again. On one test it sent out 6 separate instances of the same webhook, before declaring it a failure. This is a problem for me, because the webhook that I am having sent out is triggering a function that takes some time to process, enough time that while it is processing, appsheet ends up sending out 1 or 2 additional instances of the same webhook, and thus producing 2 or 3 copies of the result. I’m exploring options on how to limit it on my end, but it would be far easier if appsheet only attempted to send out a single webhook, or waited a longer time period before trying again. Can anyone advise me on any options I have on the appsheet side?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Marc_Dillon Construct a standalone script with enabling Sheets API and record AppSheet’s JSON payload to your gSheet in a separate tab. Then use onChange(e) installable trigger to call your main webhook and post the payload from your sheet. This will send the HTTP response instantly to AppSheet.

In general AppSheet waits for around 5 secs to receive a HTTP 200 response, then tries 5 times till it receives a failure or success response return.

(Marc Dillon) #3

Good idea.

Yah I suppose it is a good thing that appsheet tries multiple times.