I have asked this before and I am curious if ...

(Jerry Power) #1

I have asked this before and I am curious if there are any work arounds that could be used.

When the user is setting up records, they are allowed to select a name from a cross reference or add a new name.

When searching for existing names I would like to filter based on the letters typed.

For instance if the user types “R” in the entry box,

they may get the following list: George Jerry Ralph Randy Robert


I would like to only get Ralph, Randy and Robert, so first letter filter.

If the user then follows with an “o” they would see Robert.

Any suggestions?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Because the search feature is a pure string search, it won’t work. One workaround is if you add acolumn just before that column and you ask for the first letter, you are able to filter the list with the first letter. Of course it would need an extra column, but that’s the workaround I could think of.