I have been developing my app and want to dep...

(Thomas Cunningham) #1

I have been developing my app and want to deploy it and add another user and have a few questions. Based on the information you have on your site, I will need a Premium plan which is fine.

Will my other user be able to use your web interface to access the app or will they be required to download the app from google play or iTunes and access there only? Also, I may need to add additional users down the road and am wondering if that will be difficult? Lastly, I don’t have any kind of “user” preferences set up with my app, for lack of a better way to put it, my app is wide open and unrestricted and because I am only adding one user at this time, I’m not terribly concerned about it. Will this cause me any issues? I am sure I’ll have a lot more questions but am still just testing things, which is why I am only adding one user.

Thank you for your help!

(Philip Garrett) #2


I cannot tell from your description if you have data that is private and must be restricted to users who are logged in. Most dept and enterprise data should be protected by requiring login. Otherwise, any one who can find you app can see your data.

If you have private data, you should set “Require user authentication” on the Security > Require Sign-in pane.

Users can access your app either through a desktop browser, through a mobile browser, or through their mobile device using the AppSheet app. To access the data through a mobile device, the user needs to download and install the AppSheet app through either the Apple or Google store.

Adding additional users is as simple as adding them to the whitelist of users who are allowed to login. You also need to a obtain a license for them. This assumes that you require login.