I have been editing the data columns using th...

(Ceyda Sayalı) #1

I have been editing the data columns using the formula builders in Data>Column, however my data sheet doesn’t get updated accordingly. So, if I regenerate the column structure, column properties go back to the previous state (data sheet updates the formulas). Is there a way to regenerate the column structures in the data sheet instead? Thank you!

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Ceyda_Sayali can you elaborate your problem bit more? Are your sheetformulas are not updated? Couldn’t get your problem. Thnx.

(Ceyda Sayalı) #3

Yes, although I edit the column definitions using Data>Columns, the column definitions in the spreadsheet don’t seem to get updated,

i.e.I changed 2nd column type from Enum to Yes/No, but when I check the spreadsheet column title for the same column, it still appears to be: “AppSheet:{“Description”:“Question”,“IsRequired”:true,“Type”:“Enum”,“TypeAuxData”:”{“EnumValues”:[“Yes”,“No”],“AllowOtherValues”:false}"}",

although instead of “Enum”, the column type should be now “Yes/No”.

So, the column types in the spreadsheet don’t seem to be updated by changes in the column structure.

Does this help?

Thanks for your time!


Hi You can clear the notes from your sheet. Yes/No type columns result in True/False. If you want Yes No you can make your column an enum with two enum values “Yes” and “No”

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

@Ceyda_Sayali Let’s say you have created a list with data validation in the gSheet. When you generate the app, the add-on/app will create a enum column with the same enumvalues that you have typed in the gSheet.

If you now change these values in the app and later you regenerate the table, it will bring those original values from data validation in the gSheet. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes not, depending on how you structured the app.

(Ceyda Sayalı) #6

Right. For example, I can’t add additional columns using the web page because the source spreadsheet doesn’t have that column, it seems like.

(Stephen Mattison) #7

@Ceyda_Sayali it doesn’t sound like this is

part of your issue but I have noticed a couple times that the app does not pick up my data validation in my Google Sheet the first time around and I have to regenerate that table again and it will pick up my data validation and turn it into an enum column in the app. I would also suggest that you to ditch/ forget about using Google Forms for building your apps and start building your apps directly in your spreadsheet first. You will be able to do everything that Google forms can do and more and you won’t have that other layer of connections to worry about. I have seen more than a few posts here about apps from Google Forms not working as expected.

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

The relationship is not both ways. When you regenerate the table, it’s reading the original definitions from gSheet. That’s why you should clean everything away if you want to keep app’s definitions when regenerating the structure.

(Ceyda Sayalı) #9

can you explain what you mean by “clean everything away”? And by doing this, would I lose the column structures I set using Data>Columns tab?

(Aleksi Alkio) #10

For example if you have a validation list in your gSheet.

(Ceyda Sayalı) #11

Can you elaborate on that?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #12

@Ceyda_Sayali have you created your app from the AppSheet add-on for Google Forms?

(Ceyda Sayalı) #13

Yes, I initially created the app from the add-on for Google Forms.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #14

That column identifiers in your sheet is required when you firstly constructed the app. After that you don’t need them any more. They are as notes/comments in the column headers and you can remove them. Rely on the column constructors in the editor.

(Ceyda Sayalı) #15

The Data itself seems to be correctly identifying the column definitions I set using the web page, however, any discrepancy between the column definitions in the source spreadsheet and the webpage leads to a ‘FALSE’ statement in the data, i.e. if the column type is yes/no in the webpage but ‘enum’ in the source spreadsheet, then the data appears to be ‘FALSE’. Do you recommend getting rid of all column headers in the source spreadsheet to resolve this problem?