I have been re-developing our "H1 Unlimited" ...

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I have been re-developing our “H1 Unlimited” app for deployment this season and have a problem that started when I made a quick change to the loading screen about 3 days ago: I switched to a different version of this image one time and immediately switched back to the original. Since then the loading image doesn’t show until the app goes into the final loading phase.

Any ideas?

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What do you mean by “app goes into the final loading phase”?

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On loading, as the progress bar goes to the halfway point we get

white screen. As it fills in to the right, nothing. Finally after sitting at full progress for a couple seconds, the splash screen shows up.

This is

strange and only started when I changed the screen for a single test of another image. Since then, no image I choose will display during the loading phase - it only shows up “just” before the app launches.

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Let me try one solution…

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Yes you can do that… you just need to substitute the ", " with the line break. The expression could be like…


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@Aleksi_Alkio PERFECT! I had no idea that a formula could CONCATENATE a line break literally - thanks for coming up with this!

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You’re welcome

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Do you still have this issue or is it working when you have used/synced the app more?

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@Aleksi_Alkio On syncing once the app has been opened, the image is there. When opening the app the first time, the problem is still the same - no image until just before the app launches. I have not tried to change the image. Should I?

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If I remember correctly it won’t show the image with the first time because it’s not downloaded yet into the browser. Next time it’s already in the cache.

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@Aleksi_Alkio Hmmm. This is not what I remember at all, and in fact would absolutely be a deal-breaker since nobody wants their shiny new app to show the user a white screen the first time they fire it up!

We will be doing white-label versions of this app, so it HAS to work correctly. Could you load this up and see if you get the splash screen on first load?

Browser link: appsheet.com - AppSheet

App link:https://www.appsheet.com/newshortcut/1c48f2b8-e0b1-4acd-9a92-ed4425792b82 AppSheet appsheet.com

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Opening the app > blank screen > Sync > background image

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@Aleksi_Alkio ??? Is that really the way this works? I don’t ever recall having the white screen on opening until I changed the image. Does the app not force the loading of the opening image before anything else takes place in the background?

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The image is dynamic and we don’t have the image the first time the app starts. That’s why you are seeing the white screen first.

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@Aleksi_Alkio Got it. So if we mark the app for offline capability, the only time the user will see this white screen is the first time they open it?

Also I have a favor to ask - in another post, Steve Coile helped me with an expression to get a list of results related to our drivers race finishes. The problem is that the formula returns a comma separated list and not individual entries to display at the bottom of a detail view. Is there any way to make this list into a series of entries like this:

2016 Seafair: 1st Place 2015 Seafair: 2nd Place 2014 Seafair: 3rd Place

Instead of this: 2016 Seafair: 1st Place, 2015 Seafair: 2nd Place, 2014 Seafair: 3rd Place

If not, then the list is really unusable…