I have been scanning Datamatrix codes for a w...

(Craig Brown) #1

I have been scanning Datamatrix codes for a while, and mostly it works.

There are a few areas of improvement that I would like to see or know if there are workarounds:

  1. The most important aspect would be to use the inverted datamatrix colors. Currently the scans only read black on white, not the inverted colors. Checking the Scandit docs ( that I assume are licensed for Appsheets) one could build the system with setColorInvertedEnabled as an option to toggle between in the scan feature, perhaps have it as an icon on the scanscreen with the flashtoggle and reverse camera?

  2. on scanning I would like to parse the string returned and do something like convert all text to capitals to match in column. Unfortunately some datamatrix codes we have are capitals and others lowercase. A pain to rpogram, and if I can just parse the scanned result through a filter before appsheet searches, that would make life easier.

Thanks. Craig

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


(Brian Sabino) #3

Hello @Craig_Brown I’d suggest adding these at https://www.appsheet.com/feature-requests

You are correct that we’re using the Scandit library.

This is the first time I’ve heard a request for setColorInvertedEnabled so we’re unlikely to expose that option unless we get a lot more request, or it’s a requirement for a Corp / Enterprise customer.

We would like to expose some way to parse / process the text that comes back from a scan.

That’s likely a longer term feature though, and isn’t something we’d have any time soon.