I have been trying to figure this out for day...

I have been trying to figure this out for days (embarassingly).

Table A (Events table), contains 3 columns:


Table B (New User Signup) prompts the user to provide the date they attended one of our events . After the user enters a value for I need the system to return the corresponding

from Table A that occurred on the

date the user provided. (ENUMLIST), so they can choose one or more of the events that they attended on the day they entered.

Seems so simple.

How do I do it? Kim

You will need to query the events inside Valid_if property of the EnumList.

However if each user cab sign up in more than one event, then EnumList doesn’t seem to be the best solution.

I would add a third table for enrollment. That table would have Ref columns to Users and Events tables.

You can try this… Column Type: enumlist base type : REF and in the basetype qualifier: {“ReferencedTableName”:“tablename”, “ReferencedType”:“Text”}

Then your still need to create your date filter in the valid if…

FILTER(eventtable, [eventdate] = [_THISROW].[EVENTDATEATTENDED])

ok, I’ll give it a try, thank you!!

That was it!! Thanks again!

@Kim_Coffman so, it works?

What field/where is the “base type qualifier”?

This post was from 2018.
The base type is no longer available. I’m sure Mr @praveen and @Adam are working on making this legit.

This property will be exposed again within the next few days. This time it will actually be a dropdown from which you can select the referenced table. @Grant_Stead @Belinda


Dang, Ya’ll are in a “hook Grant up with all the features he ever asked for mode!”
Appreciate you!

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@Belinda This appears live in my account.

Hi @Adam, I was following along the video attached to the help article below, and could not see the option to change an EnumInputMode type qualifier as shown by @tony.

This is the help article:

This is the snapshot of the video in the help article:

Than I look for the same question about it which is this post.

Is this EnumInputMode to change a text type to dropdown is no longer available?