I have created a search form which lets the u...

(Anke H) #1

I have created a search form which lets the user select a category and the app spits out ordered matches based on the input (via ref list). I don’t really need a record for every search but have created a corresponding table for match the form data. Users can now either hit save or cancel when done. This form view is also configured as starting view and with menu display name “Search” but I don’t see a menu item and the App sometimes does not start with the search form and then I can’t get back to it. I also did not see an option to pin it to the bottom of the screen.

It feels like I am doing something wrong. How can I make the search form sticky and how can I avoid the cancel/save actions or do them automatically behind the scenes?

Thanks, Anke

(Anke H) #2

For instance, after I go to the Settings screen and change the settings, the App displays the left primary view instead of the start view and I can’t get back to it.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

It sounds that your form view’s (Search) position is set as Ref and that’s why you can see it. Or you have set for example two views for the same position like “Center”. Is there any other details for this issue? Are you able to take a printscreen that would help us to identify the problem?

(Steven Coile) #4

You cannot prevent the user from accessing the form’s Cancel button.

If you make a form the starting view and the user cancels the form, AppSheet will display an arbitrary view from those you (or the system) have defined.

To avoid the user’s return to an arbitrary view, set the desired return view as the starting view and require the user to navigate to the search form.

To add the search form as a navigation item, along the bottom buttons or in the main menu, create a new form view or copy the existing system-provided one. Configure the position of that new view as desired (but do not choose ref, as that will hide the view). Note that the system-provided views cannot be given a position, so you won’t see that option on system-provided views.

(Steven Coile) #5

If you don’t want the user saving the form, the best you can do (since you can’t prevent the user from clicking Save) is go to the form view’s configuration, to the BEHAVIOR section, to Event Actions, and set the Form saved option to Delete.

(Anke H) #6

+Steve Coile I see. Yes, I modified a system form and did not see the Position option until I copied the form. I still don’t understand why it did not show in the system menu where the Settings option is but maybe that’s not what “menu” means. I tried the “Delete” suggestion but it shows a confirmation popup “Are you sure” which is even more annoying than just saving the data. Is there any way to create a form view that allows user input without the intend of ever changing data?

(Anke H) #7

@Aleksi_Alkio It was the use of the system form. Are you guys able to access the app via link? https://www.appsheet.com/Template/AppDef?appName=FindBestCard-442025&quickStart=False#UX.Views Sample mobile apps for common scenarios appsheet.com

(Steven Coile) #8

The Menu position means in the main menu (the “hamburger menu”, in the upper left corner).

You can disable the confirmation dialog by going to Behavior > Actions, click Show system actions (if currently hidden), click on Delete for the appropriate table, and in the CONFIRMATION section, set Needs confirmation? to OFF.

(Steven Coile) #9

There is no way to create a form view that allows input without also presenting option for Save and Cancel.

(Anke H) #10

+Steve Coile Thanks. I appreciate all your help! I got the confirmation switched off. Are there any plans to support a view type that allows input of non-persistent data for a use case like a search form? I can see that there is a search function at the top of a table that basically allows a similar interaction (I can search through my category table and drill down to see the best matches for the search category). However, in my case it feels like a dedicated search form provides better guidance/focus for the purpose of the app. Showing the full category list first and have the user drill down to the details can be a distraction/information overload.