I have got table project, tasks, resources,re...

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I have got table project, tasks, resources,reports,photos? I can display tasks of a project using the condition project[email ID]=USEREMAIL() which

Now I want to create a slice (named Abstract) to display selected columns from task table , belonging to the specific project created by the same UESREMAIL(). I am not finding a proper solution. Is it possible to create a slice from task

which can display tasks of a project created by a user?

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If you have a Ref column to Project in Tasks table, and you have a column called CreatedBy in Project table, use the filter USEREMAIL() = [Project].[CreatedBy]

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@Bellave_Jayaram i dnt have a column CreateddBy in the project table. Do I have to create it?

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I just gave CreatedBy as an example. If you have any column that saves the email of the user who created that project row, you can use that. If not, you will have to create a column, yes.

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I already have a column [email ID] in table project. Hence I wrote USEREMAIL()=[project].[email ID]. But when I view the slice “Abstract” it is displaying all the columns which are not created by me. I am sending screen -shots please.

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Add project to the slice.