I have issue with Sum two row Price and get in another Virtual Column

I want Get the Course Cost sum() value in another table Virtual Column

You could get the total cost for the parent record like SUM([Related Courses][Course Cost]). The “Related Courses” is the virtual column’s name in your parent table.


thank you Aleksi
Itz Working can you help me with the approval process ,can you provide me any sample application

What kind approval process are you working with?

I can’t set this value in Google sheet ,total cost value is not saving in Google sheets

The sum formula is working in virtual Column
but,it’s not working in another normal column
Why it’s not working

It will work but you need to open that record before it can calculate the result because normal columns are not recalculated when you sync the app. Virtual column will do that.

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Can I assign the virtual Column to another column initial value…

Is any possibility to get the value in it


Is possible to create a social media applications in appsheet

In generally yes in a small scale but there are lot of better platforms for that purpose.

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