I have look in the community but can´t find a...

(Staffan Johansson) #1

I have look in the community but can´t find any answer on my problem. I´m not very well known in this tool, but I´ll try to explain what I wan´t. When I Select many in my EnumList, I wan´t it on separates rows. As it is now, it merge all values that I Select and show it on a single row, see pic. I want instead 3 rows, all information should be the same except Rad. This should also send it to Google sheet in 3 rows, how is this possible?

(Grant Stead) #2

It’s not so easy. Long story short this must be a separate table and these must be child records REF back to this parent using the Isapartof designation. Then, while adding the main record, you can also add the children.

(Staffan Johansson) #3

Ok, Thanks Grant, sounds as it´s to complicated for me. No problem to use Enum instead and Select one row at the time.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You could use COPY action and then you would need to modify the Rad column only. It’s not the same than your request but at least it’s easier.


Depending on how and where your data is, you can use a split and transpose formula in your google sheet.

(Staffan Johansson) #6

@Lynn That sounds like a option to look more into.

(Vo Tu Duc) #7

@Grant_Stead are there any alternative solutions for this issue?

A lot of child table will affected not only to performance of the app but also the time for handle everything.