I have made an app that has a form and one of...

(Maulik Shah) #1

I have made an app that has a form and one of the fields in form is a http link that user clicks in, user is sent to that webpage (within the app) and they perform some action there, one done, they hit the back option on top left to come back to the original form. all works well on android and all iphones except iphone X.

On iphone X, when I tap the back navigation, it just bring a blank page and takes me back to the webpage view again, there is no way for me to go back to the form user was filling.

I believe this is due to the back navigation being in the notch.

Is there a way/setting to make iphoneX ignore the notch and have the back navigation arrow on regular screen like other phones? Thanks Maulik

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #2

@Maulik_Shah I wasn’t able to reproduce this. Would you mind if I try to get a repro with your app?