I have more than one yes/no columns in a tabl...

(Marc Dillon) #1

I have more than one yes/no columns in a table. I would like to restrict one of those columns so that it can only be Yes, if another column is No. valid_if=[othercol] = false does not work. editable_if=[othercol]=false kind of works, but the user could easily set the first col to Yes, then the other col to Yes and the first Yes still remains. Any suggestions?

(Steven Coile) #2

I would expect a Valid_If of =NOT([othercol]) to work.

(Marc Dillon) #3

Oh cool, didn’t think of that. Thanks!

Doesn’t quite work though. If othercol is Yes, then even a No value is invalid.

This fixes that problem. Valid_If = OR(NOT([Partial Pick?]),NOT([Picked]))

I was hoping for an easy solution that would automatically set the [Picked] col to No, if the [Partial Pick?] col is set to Yes. I’m thinking that won’t be possible though, unless I setup some actions or workflows.