I have referenced tables (master- detail) in ...

(Kelvin Floyd) #1

I have referenced tables (master- detail) in a form with an inline view , I add a record to the parent table and then when I ‘add new’ the

child form the form opens to add the child record.

When I save, it reverts back to the top of the parent form so I have to scroll down to add another child record. Is there a way to have an action? or option?

to open another child form as

I need to add multiple child records one after another and going back to the main form

requires extra scrolling to add another one. Any suggestions would be appreciated

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

It seems that the option “Auto re-open” is not working inside of the mother form. If you add a new child record from the detail view, the reopening will work. I will ask would that be possible to arrange. Then it would re-open the child form one after the other.

(Kelvin Floyd) #3

Thanks for your suggestion.

I dont have a detail view (only a ref view) for the child records as only want to edit them from the parent.

Unless there is way to open a child record detail view form the parent form, but filter by the parent and maintain the ref link.

What happens now is If I add a parent then add a child and save, it takes be back to to the parent form, and if i save that it auto reopens the parent to a new record.