I have spoken to Brent and he advised I post ...

(Monica Lacombe) #1

I have spoken to Brent and he advised I post this question.

I am in need of an attendance app for a co-op.

We have over 555 members and need to process them all through two doors in 15 minutes or so.

This Office Hours outlines basically exactly what I need.


The problem is twofold.


Can’t afford to pay for Zapier to handle all the web hooks.

2.) Need to keep the data longitudinally so we can see who was absent when at he end of the semester.

Ideally, I could write it so that when someone hits the max number of lates or absences an email would generate to the admin.

I need a simple checklist that enables me to check of each person through the door quickly and offline (because the internet at the building is awful.)

Can anyone help advise me?

Is there a way to set date so that each weeks data is saved to a separate spreadsheet (using Goggle sheets)? This would solve most issues.

We meet one day a week 20-22 times a year. This is the only use for this app.

Thank you in advance.

(Simon Robinson) #2

We’ve done something similar using a Form and giving each person a QR code.

So you have the App running on a phone or tablet, open the form, use the camera to scan their QR code,

set the form so when you click save it automatically reopens the form.

You’re looking at checking in 1 person every 3 seconds which is doable.

It would also work with NFC cards, but in our experience is trickier for a phone to read a NFC tag than a

QR code.

Hope this helps, happy to assist more directly if required.

(Monica Lacombe) #3

Thank you for your reply Simon.

I explored that option and it is still in my back pocket, but our particular system works best with a list because of the way people enter the building in family groups. It is my plan B, but for internal reasons, the scan idea is less ideal than the list.

Thank you again for your kind offer of assistance.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

How about one table with 550 rows and 23 columns. One column for each event and then you can set the absent value with an action button directly from the table view?

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #5


  1. For this kind of app can use our REST API to add rows instead of Zapier, but it’s a business plan feature. A different approach would be to add the row via a form instead of a workflow. So in the example app from the office hours video, the thumbs up action will navigate the app to a form, pre-filled with the relevant details (Student name/id, status = attended, date, etc…), and saving that form will add it to the table. The down side of this approach is that it adds another button click to the process (Save on the form view).

  2. Once you have all the attendance records in one table (Record A in the example app), you can use COUNT() and SELECT() to see the how many times a student was absence during the semester.

Everything I’ve described can be done offline and synced at a later time.

Hope that helps, -Gil