I have the following problem: I developed an ...

(Guillermo Osinaldi) #1

I have the following problem: I developed an application to follow field maintenance on a company. Sometimes the phones go out of data coverage, offline. At this moment this happens:


  • As I have the offline options apps loads perfectly if I close it and reopen being offline ONLY IF DONT HAD CREATED PREVIOUSLY A RECORD.

2 - If I do nothing with the app while offline and close it and reopen it opens flawlessly but if I have new records and close the app it doesn’t reload, shows the attached screenshot.

3 - If I don’t close the app and do several records when the phone goes online all syncs flawlessly!

Basically I cannot close the app by any reason when offline because will be unusable. When I say close is totally close in android as well iOS, not switch between apps.

This is a huge concern, any help?Thanks in advance.

(Green Gorilla) #2

We have been getting Network Errors with an iPhone and an iPad. Settings for Offline mode were working, and didn’t get this error with my android.

AT one point the app on the iPhone was attempting to open Safari to run…not sure why it would do that?

Any ideas?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet FYI

(Green Gorilla) #4

Some messing about with “aeroplane made on… Aeroplane mode off… Wireless on… Wireless off…” seemed to ‘fix’ it, but I am not confident…