I have tow tables, parent and child, ref type...

(tsuji koichi) #1

I have tow tables, parent and child, ref type is set for be true, so those tow tables re have deep relations with each other.

In addition to that, I have slice to filter child table rows and also made a workflow rule to generate and email a report .

Question is how to add table? Data coming from slice to template?

System auto generated email or attachment template shows start expression for table list for child table with start expression.

How can we change and alter syntax on template to pull dat from slice rather than full child table?

I read blog where it says to use <<filter ( slice name), true>> and followed but it did not make it happen.

Thank you for your attention.


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Normally you would type something likeā€¦

<<Start: SELECT(TableName[KeyColumn],TRUE)>>

and now you should write it <<Start: SELECT(SliceName[KeyColumn],TRUE)>>

(tsuji koichi) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Hi usual spot on answer!! I should solved issue , case closed happily.