I have two columns [column 1 and column 2] w...


I have

two columns [column 1 and column 2] which am using Valid_If to get column 2, based on selection of column 1.

In the same form, from Drop-down: [1st Category] gets me all my list using Valid_IF expression “=TableName[Column 1]”, but [2nd Category], rather gets the selected value of [1st Category], even-though [2nd Category] also has it’s own valid_if expression.

What could be the issue and the solution or workaround?


Hi, @KOIN_BUSYNESS What are your valid if formulas?



so in the

1st Category field, this is the VALID_ID:

=DokuDrugs[Drug Category]

and in the

1st Drug Name field, this is the VALID_ID: =DokuDrugs[Drug Name] .

I repeat these for the rest and it keeps depending on the first selection results

(Tony Fader) #4

@KOIN_BUSYNESS It sounds like you’re accidentally hitting the dependent dropdown feature: help.appsheet.com - Dependent Dropdown

Try replacing your second formula with IN([_THIS], DokuDrugs[Drug Name]), which may prevent the dependent dropdown feature from activating. Dependent Dropdown help.appsheet.com