I have two different parent views that have a...

(Marc Dillon) #1

I have two different parent views that have an inline view of the same referenced child table. I want the column order of the inline view to be different in the two parent views, but there is only the one inline “system view” to edit. Is there some way around this?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hello @Marc_Dillon, When you create another slice for the second parent view, please be sure to insert a reverse ref list column in the corresponding view with an expression such as

REF_ROWS(“SliceNameForView2”, “Ref Column Name in Child Table”)

(Marc Dillon) #3

Ohhhh, that’s tricky, I like it. Should work perfectly. Thanks! @Suvrutt_Gurjar

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @Marc_Dillon ,If my understanding of your requirement is correct, please explore following workaround

1)Please create another

slice on child table with desired columns that you wish to have in 2nd inline view.

  1. Please create a copy of system inline view of the child table or slice associated with first parent

  2. In the new system inline view created in step 2, please have data source as slice created in step one above.

  3. Please set the column order as desired in both inline views.

I briefly tested it

(please test more) with two inline views of same child table associated with one parent, however I believe ,it should work with two parent views too.

Also please consider any impacts you may have of using same child table in two views. Adding a record, for example , in one child view will reflect in another one.

Hope this helps.