I have two issues with UX 1. I have created ...

(Taran Bhagat) #1

I have two issues with UX

  1. I have created a column series chart with 2 columns using blue & orange colors. When I try to choose during display of chart a certain color column, it takes a little longer to make precise selection. I have to tap that color a number of times then suddenly it gets selected and displays correct corresponding column chart. Same delay happens while deselecting the current(blue) one to view the other column (Orange) 2. I have my task_inline view set to display 8 columns. If I hold the mobile vertical then it displays 3 columns for all 5 activities( Inline row limit is set to 5) and when I click View it continues to display 3 columns for remaining activities.

But when I hold the mobile horizontal I can see 5 columns and this time when I click View it displays 6 columns for all the activities which is what I require.

My question is how to ensure a consistent UX behavior

and inform/guide the user for a better experience?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

When you show the inline view in the detail view or a separate table view, the formatting is little bit different because as an inline, the table view is inside of a detail view. If you need to show all these 6 columns in an inline view, could you add a virtual column which will combine all these 6 fields together and less space is needed? Another thing is… have you done the Save & Verify? It will read the existing data and adjust the column with if possible.

(Taran Bhagat) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio I have created a virtual column and concatenated required fields in the formula which displays the fields but that has a limitation. It prevents editing, being a plain text.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

If you show the virtual column in the table view and hide other columns, you can do the same but vice versa in the form view.