I have two questions about the "hamburger men...

(Ronna Johnson) #1

I have two questions about the “hamburger menu”.

How do you ghost the email address of the creator to a company or organization?

How do you disable the menu functions for Feedback, App Gallery, Add Shortcut, and Create New App?

One question about the Table View:

It adds a map pin even after I deleted the Map from the Views page.

I don’t need it and it is completely inaccurate which will cause frustration and distraction in training and usage.

Any tips?

(Ronna Johnson) #2

I fixed the map pin!


(Tony Fader) #3

@Ronna_Johnson The email address in the menu is not the creator’s, it’s the user’s.

(Ronna Johnson) #4

Ah ha!

Let me test with some folks outside of my company circle.

Fingers crossed!

(Tony Fader) #5

@Ronna_Johnson What do you mean by “ghost”? The email address of the current logged in user will always be displayed.

You can disable those other menu items by whitelabeling your app. help.appsheet.com - White-Label Your App: Establish Your Own App Branding

You can hide the map pin under Behavior > Actions. It’s a system action (you may have click “Show system actions”). White-Label Your App: Establish Your Own App Branding help.appsheet.com

(Ronna Johnson) #6

I believe I will have to upgrade to white label and not sure I can do that on a Sunday.

How do creators develop apps for firms and organizations if they cannot hide their email address?

Our firm creating the app for a client initiative and our email address cannot be on the menu.

There is no other option to display there?

Seems like many other users would require the same function.