I have two tables A and B, where B has refere...

(Marko Kirves) #1

I have two tables A and B, where B has reference to A. The referenced column is also ID of the table B.

I’m trying to create an action from my deck view for table A that would take users to a form for adding new record into table B that would automatically reference table A.

A has UNIQUEID ID B has ID column if Ref to table A

I can make the action appear and I have created behaviour for table A with “App: go to another view within this app” and target =LINKTOFORM(“B_Form”, “A ID”, [_THISROW]) but when I trigger the action it just takes me to grey page.

Any good ideas how to easily create dependent records like this?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Marko_Kirves Hi Marko, I believe the problem in the link expression you are using is the [_THISROW] expression. Instead of using [_THISROW], you can try using [ID Column], where [ID Column] is the key column of table A. Also, please make sure that the form name “B_Form” and the name “A ID” of the key column of table B are correct.

Another unrelated potential problem: since the referenced column is also the ID table B, you might end up having rows with duplicate keys in table B, since multiple rows in B can reference the same row in A.